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Bungkus Promo Codes

We’ll be updating this article every time Bungkus* reveals a new deal or promo code. Stay tuned.

*Bungkus is a marketplace for all food establishments that are either halal-certified or 100% Muslim owned. They deliver almost to the entire part of Singapore (except Jurong Island/PSA ports/high-security facilities).

Alternatively, you may want to checkout active promo codes for food delivery from Deliveroo, Foodpanda, WhyQ, Oddle, and GrabFood!

  1. Bungkus is offering a lower delivery fee! The fee is only S$3.99 from Monday to Thursday, and S$4.99 on weekends. Grab your favorite now!
  2. Get Yizun’s Beef Noodle delivered to your doorstep. Order now!
  3. Nothing a scrumptious meal from OldTown White Coffee can’t fix. Click here to place your order.
  4. Indian Rojak for you today? Order now via Bungkus!
  5. How bout some Pizza for lunch today? Discover Gourmet Pizza To Go on Bungkus now.
  6. Try out the favorite Home Of Seafood’s Chili Crab via Bungkus.
  7. RedDot Kitchen is now available on Bungkus, get your lunch settled now.
  8. Get AAA Mokita Chill & Thrill meal at the comfort of your own home when you order via Bungkus.
  9. Love Ashes Burnnit? Grab them now at Bedok South.
  10. Planning to eat healthy today? Try the famous Poke Theory at Bungkus now.
  11. Get your favorite satay from Just Lazzat delivered to your doorstep for dinner with your loved ones tonight via Bungkus.
  12. Open Bungkus and get your pizza cravings fixed with Pizza D’France.
  13. Calling out Tulang Merah lovers! You can now get your favourite Tulang delivered to you from Naina’s Kitchen.
  14. Not sure what to get for lunch today? Hop down to Molten Diners on Bungkus platform!
  15. Have you tried Penny University’s Squid Ink Rice? It’s a must try! Get it delivered to you via Bungkus
  16. Share Zam Zam’s murtabak with your colleagues, friends or loved ones at home with Bungkus.
  17. How about a bowl of Yi Zun Beef Noodle for lunch today? Order now and get more saving when you order via Bungkus.
  18. If you’re a breakfast person, Kueh & Mee is perfect for you, both light and heavy breakfast available.
  19. Looking for a good plate of Dhum Briyani? Look no further! Nareza Briyani Bhai got your back! Order now via Bungkus.
  20. Rasa Sayang Village Restaurant is now on Bungkus, with tons of seafood and other choices for you.