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LiHO Promotions: S$2.40 Deal &More!

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1 FOR 1 offer On Regular Menu Medium and Large Drinks

As the sun sets on the eve of LiHO TEA’s 7th anniversary, a celebration stirs, promising a cascade of golden bubbles and the sweetest of deals. On the 27th of May, let LiHO toast to the years with an offer as delightful as the first sip of your favorite tea.

For the beloved members, this day is yours, adorned with a 1 FOR 1 offer on all regular menu Medium and Large drink items. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Milk Tea or the zestful Cheese Guan Yin, your loyalty is rewarded in the most refreshing of ways.

Here’s how to indulge in this birthday bash:

  • In-Store: Simply whisper your mobile number as you would a secret, and watch the magic unfold.
  • Via App:
    • Select any two drinks that call out to you.
    • Proceed to your cart, where the E-Voucher awaits your command.
    • Unleash the 1 For 1 voucher and let the celebration begin!

Not yet part of LiHO’s circle? Fret not, for the LiHO TEA app awaits, ready to welcome you with open arms—and remember, membership is complimentary.

Circle every 27th on your calendar, for it’s not just a day, but a Members’ Day. A day where the clinking of ice and the fusion of flavors celebrate you.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Revel in this offer on the 27th of May, applicable for Medium and Large drinks, excluding Hot and Member-exclusive beverages.

Available at all outlets, save for the Burlington Square franchise. A maximum of five sets per transaction, with the discount gracing the item of lesser value.

While additional toppings are yours for the taking, they do come with a small fee. This offer stands alone and does not mingle with other discounts.
liho deal

S$2.40 For A Medium-Sized Cup of Joy

As the calendar flips to March, LiHO invites you to a celebration of flavors that’s as vibrant as the streets of Singapore. For just S$2.40, treat yourself to a medium-sized cup of joy:

  • The Iced Honey Jasmine Tea, a sweet serenade in a cup, marrying the delicate fragrance of jasmine with a kiss of honey.
  • The Iced Milk Green Tea with White Pearls, where the comforting embrace of milk tea meets the playful dance of pearls.
  • The Iced Calpis Lemon, a refreshing twist of citrus that pirouettes on your palate, leaving a trail of zestful delight.

Elevate your experience for an additional S$1 and indulge in the luxury of size, because sometimes, more is indeed merrier.

Here’s the fine print, crafted just for you:

  • Redeem these delights as often as your heart desires, both in LiHO’s outlets and on app.
  • Upsize your pleasure for a mere S$1.
  • Embrace the chill as it is.
  • These specials stand alone and are not to be mingled with other discounts.

And for these cherished LiHO TEA members, these daily deal promotions are the ode to your loyalty.

Step into any LiHO outlet and let this symphony of flavors lead you on a whimsical journey, one sip at a time.

LiHo discount

LiHO Tea Discount: Save As Much As S$10

With the mere whisper of 30 points, a realm of savings unfolds before you:

  • Revel in the delight of S$10 melting off your total bill, like ice blending into tea on a warm day.
  • Watch S$5 flutter away, leaving behind the sweet aftertaste of savings.
  • Let S$3 dissolve into the air, a subtle nod to your discerning choices.
  • Choose a large drink, on the house, and savor the generosity that fills your cup to the brim.
  • Indulge in a medium drink, and taste the gratitude for your patronage.
  • Elevate your beverage with a complimentary upsize; because here, more is not a luxury, it’s a standard.
  • Adorn your drink with a free topping, the perfect jewel to crown your chosen elixir.

For every moment you’ve chosen LiHO, LiHO offers these tokens of appreciation, valid for a full orbit around the sun from your sign-up date.

Grab it now before it’s gone!
liho point redemption

LiHO Tea Promo: Winter Melon Tea (Medium) at S$2.40

Step into the welcoming doors of any LiHO outlet and let the comforting notes of Winter Melon Tea envelop you.

For LiHO’s cherished members, this medium-sized brew is yours for just S$2.40—a small token to express the gratitude for your continued journey with LiHO.

For those yet to join the circle, fear not, for the Winter Melon Tea awaits at its original price of S$3.30.

And should you wish to prolong the pleasure, a mere S$1 allows you to elevate your experience to a large serving.

This offer is a fleeting whisper in time, available for a limited period only. So, come, let LiHO clink cups to the rhythm of life and the sweetness that lies in moments of shared delight.

liho offer

LiHO Promotion: Savor Half-Price on Your Second Cup of K-Strawberry Drink

Immerse yourself in the joy of companionship as you and a friend delight in K-Strawberry drinks. With every purchase, the second cup blossoms at half the price, a gesture from LiHO to you, to nurture the bonds that matter.

This celebration of flavor is as ephemeral as the season’s bloom—available only while the nectar of stocks lasts. Each LiHO haven awaits your presence, ready to serve this berry-infused serenade until the last petal falls.

Embark on this journey of taste now, in LiHO stores or through the whisper of app, with the magic of a voucher. The story of K-Strawberry is yours to tell, one shared sip at a time.
liho_kstrawberry drink deal

LiHO Promotion: Complimentary Beverages & Beyond

For a mere S$2.50, immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of Milk Green Tea with White Pearls, or let the playful tang of Calpis Lemon dance on your tongue.

Should you crave a grander gesture, an additional S$1 grants you the luxury of a larger size, because sometimes, more is simply better.

Spending S$250 within a year elevates you to the esteemed ranks of myLiHOTEA GOLD.

In this golden chapter, you’ll be lavished with even grander delights: two complimentary medium drinks and one large drink of your choosing during your birthday month—a celebration of you.

This invitation is tendered twice daily, limited to one cup per flavor, ensuring each taste is a distinct chapter.

LiHO Offer: S$11.90 Combo

For just S$11.90, embark on a journey with the Basic Combo: a potion of the collaborative drink paired with a tote bag, available in two exclusive designs. It’s more than a pairing; it’s a statement.

Elevate your adventure for S$19.90 with the Premium Combo: the same delightful beverage accompanied by a tumbler, offered in two distinct styles. This isn’t just a drink; it’s a treasure trove of memories in the making.

These limited-edition collectibles are a call to those who cherish the art of storytelling and the thrill of the game.

Available until the last piece finds its home, these combos are a celebration of fandom and flavor, a narrative waiting to be held in your hands.

Step into the world of LiHO and Genshin Impact, where every sip is a step into a story, and every accessory is a badge of your journey.

Please note, these special combos are so unique that no other discounts can apply.

Liho promo

LiHO-COCONUT Series: Buy 2, Get 1 Free Promotion

Embrace the spirit of camaraderie and indulgence with LiHO-COCONUT Series—a symphony of tastes that dance harmoniously with every sip.

Become a myLiHOTEA member and let LiHO serenades you with a complimentary Coconut Noodle—a delicacy crafted with the tender whispers of coconut, a gift from LiHO to you, as you traverse the new frontiers of LiHO-COCONUT Series.

And for those whose hearts yearn for more, LiHO offers the warmth of the hospitality with a Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion. This exclusive privilege is reserved for members.

Join LiHO on this journey of discovery and let your taste buds revel in the choices that await:

  • The Lychee Rose Coconut Slush—a love letter to the senses, blending the delicate fragrance of lychee with the romantic bloom of rose.
  • The Mango Coconut Shake—a tropical embrace that marries the lush sweetness of mango with the creamy kiss of coconut.
  • The Avocado Coconut Shake—a whisper of indulgence, combining the buttery richness of avocado with the smooth caress of coconut.
  • The Signature Coconut Shake—classic concoction, a testament to the timeless allure of coconut, reinvented.

Inscribe your story with LiHO, one sip at a time. Your narrative awaits within the velvety layers of LiHO-COCONUT Series.

Sign up today, and let the tapestry of flavors unfold.

LiHO Buy-2-Free-1 Offer

S$0.60 Iced Classic Milk Tea Mobile Deal!

LiHO TEA offers a special treat for those who cherish the comforting blend of milk tea.

Envision a cup of Iced Classic Milk Tea, priced at just S$0.60, bringing you moments of tranquility and a connection to tradition with every gulp.

For the devotees of Golden Pearls, your preference is honored with the choice to add them to your beverage. And for those who love to explore, a variety of delightful toppings await. Choose from the sweet Brown Sugar Pearls, the cool Aloe Vera, or the fun Coconut Jelly to personalize your drink.

This special offer is a unique experience, accessible through the LiHO TEA App.

Download it from the App Store or Play Store, and let your phone be the gateway to this delightful offer.

Terms & Conditions Apply. Valid for one-time redemption only.

Additional toppings are chargeable. Upsize available for an additional S$1.

Seize the day and enjoy not just a beverage, but a narrative of flavor with every sip of LiHO TEA

LiHO Deal: S$0.60 Milk Tea

Avocado Signatures

With the Avocado Signatures, LiHO invites you to partake in a journey of flavors that are as rich and diverse as the city itself.

  • Golden Avocado—a concoction that captures the essence of sunlight, distilled into the creamy flesh of nature’s buttery fruit. It’s a sip of liquid gold, a treasure trove of taste that promises to linger on your palate, much like the memories of a cherished tale.
  • Brown Sugar Pearl Avocado—a blend where the nostalgia of brown sugar meets the modern twist of avocado. Each pearl is a chapter, unfolding the saga of sweetness with a subtlety that only LiHO can narrate.

Visit LiHO, where every drink is a story, and every flavor is a character in the grand novel of life. Discover your Avocado Signature, and let it be the protagonist of your day.

LiHo signatures

Iced Lemon Melon Tea At S$1.90

LiHO extends an invitation to pause and refresh with a sip of Iced Lemon Melon Tea—a beverage that’s as vibrant and diverse as the Lion City itself, offered at the delightful price of S$1.90.

As the day unfolds, treat yourself not just to one, but two narratives of flavor. With the special promotion, you can savor the Iced Classic Milk Tea with Golden Pearl, a tale of tradition adorned with the glistening pearls of sweetness, alongside the Iced Lemon Melon Tea, a refreshing saga that sings with zesty lemon and the lush notes of melon.

This offer is a standing ovation to both the old friends and new faces of LiHO family.

Every day, without fail, this deal awaits to greet you, limited to two cups to ensure each flavor’s story is told in full—one per flavor, a testament to the commitment to variety and your satisfaction.

Join myLiHOTEA member!

*Terms & Conditions Apply.




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