McDonald's Super Savers from S$5 till 6 Mar 2024

McDonald’s Promotions | March 2024

McDonald’s Super Savers from S$5

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McDonald’s Singapore is bringing back its Super Savers menu, with three of its classic meals available for S$5 or more for a limited time. The meals include the McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, and McSpicy, all served with a small fries and a soft drink.

The offer is available for dine-in, takeaway, and drive-thru orders, but not for delivery. Prices start at S$5 for the McChicken Meal, S$5.50 for the Filet-O-Fish Meal, and S$6.50 for the McSpicy Meal.

What’s more? McDonald’s is also offering Chicken Muffin with Egg or Sausage McMuffin with Egg at only S$3.50 and tasty side for only S$1.50 each (choose from 4pcs Chicken McNuggets, French Fries (S), Sundae, and Apple Pie).

The Super Savers menu is a popular choice for budget-conscious diners, and it is likely to be in high demand during its limited-time run. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable meal, McDonald’s Super Savers is a good option to consider.

The offer is valid from February 19 to March 6, 2024. Terms and conditions apply.

McDonald's Super Savers from S$5

Terms & Conditions:
Deals are available on all channels except delivery and cannot be exchanged for cash. No refunds are allowed. While stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Promotion period is from 19 February 2024 to 6 March 2024 only. McDonald’s reserves the right to change the promotion mechanics without prior notice. Terms and Conditions apply. Usual prices of deals may vary by outlet.

McDonald’s Party Offer

Discover new Parties at McDonald’s! Effortless, filled with fun, and memorable. The nostalgic joy of a McDonald’s party awaits. Celebrations find a home at these restaurants. Just gather the party crew and leave the rest to the capable hands here.

You can choose from party at McDonald’s or at home.

Click here to see more details.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Offer

Get ready for some fun with the McDonald’s Happy Meal, now with a special surprise!

McDonald’s Singapore is offering a new lineup of Happy Meal toys featuring DC Comics characters. The toys include popular heroes and villains such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Catwoman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, The Riddler, Poison Ivy, and The Joker.

The toys are available in Happy Meals from February 8 to March 20, 2024, with new toys being released every Thursday.

  • Week 1 (8 – 14 Feb): The Flash and Harley Quinn
  • Week 2 (15 – 21 Feb): Cyborg and Catwoman
  • Week 3 (22 – 28 Feb): Batman
  • Week 4 (29 Feb – 6 Mar): Wonder Woman
  • Week 5 (7 – 13 Mar): The Penguin and The Riddler
  • Week 6 (14 – 20 Mar): Poison Ivy and The Joker

This is a great opportunity for DC Comics fans to collect their favorite characters. The toys are also likely to be popular with children who enjoy superhero movies and comics.

Here are some additional details about the offer:

  • The toys are available in all McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore.
  • The toys are available while stocks last.
  • Happy Meals are available for purchase with any food or drink item.

McDonald's Happy Meal Offer

UOB x McDonald’s promo: 15% off cashback

Indulge in your preferred McDonald’s delights and earn up to 15% cashback with the UOB One Credit Card.

There’s a treat for every taste! Get up to 10% cashback on everyday expenses with the UOB One Debit Card.

Hurry, the promotion concludes on 31 Mar 2024.

UOB x McDonald's promo: 15% off cashback

FREE McCafe Beverage

Enjoy a FREE McCafe beverage when you order 5 a la carte McCafe beverages with the McCafe Rewards Card, only in My McDonald’s App.

Only selected McCafe beverages below qualify for stamps collection and are part of the free McCafe Rewards that can be redeemed.

You can redeem the following beverages with your McCafé Rewards: McCafe Premium Roast Coffee, McCafe Cappuccino, McCafe Latte, McCafe Iced Latte, McCafe Mocha Frappe (S), McCafe Americano, and McCafe Double Chocolate Frappe (S).

McDelivery New User Promo – FREE 6pcs Chicken McNuggets

Not a McDelivery® user yet?

Register for an account today and get FREE Chicken McNuggets (6pcs) with your first McDelivery purchase.

This McDelivery promotion is valid for first-time purchase with a registered McDelivery® account only.

Simply find the promotion in the McDelivery app cart before making the first purchase.

Promotion is available from 12nn – 1:30am, while stocks last.

Promo is valid for 1 redemption per new McDelivery user.

Not on the app yet? Simply download the new McDonald’s app from Google Play or App Store, and start earning stamps now.

Previous McDonald’s Promotions You Might Have Missed

McDonald’s S$5.50 Deal for Breakfast McSaver Meal

McDonald’s presents a time-limited Breakfast McSaver Meal starting from S$5.50, featuring Chicken Muffin Meal, Egg McMuffin Meal, and Sausage McMuffin Meal.

The Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage McSaver Meal, a crispy hash brown, and freshly brewed coffee are also available for a special price of S$6 (U.P from S$6.75).

Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage: A combination of fluffy scrambled eggs, melting cheese, tender chicken sausage and crispy Hash Brown, all topped with tangy ketchup. All these flavours are wrapped in a hearty whole grain tortilla!

Allergen information: Egg, Milk, Soybean, Wheat Food sensitivities: Gluten

Egg McMuffin: A round egg, paired with a slice of savoury chicken ham and melted cheese. All these are served in a lightly toasted muffin.

Allergen information: Egg, milk, soybean, and wheat Food sensitivities: Gluten

Sausage McMuffin: A simple yet delicious offering. A savoury chicken sausage with a slice of melted cheese, served between toasted wholegrain muffins.

Allergen information: Milk, soybean, and wheat Food sensitivities: Gluten

Chicken Muffin: A soft chicken patty, coupled with mayo and a slice of cheese. Served in a classic toasted muffin. Ideal for those who appreciate the McChicken® and the McMuffin® equally.

Allergen information: Egg, milk, soybean, and wheat Food sensitivities: Gluten

This meal is an excellent choice for those seeking a tasty breakfast that won’t strain the wallet.

Seize this incredible offer while it lasts!

McDonalds Breakfast McSaver Meals from S$5.50

Terms & Conditions:
Breakfast McSaver™ Meal includes McCafé® Premium Roast Coffee or Tea, and a Hashbrown or Corn Cup (3oz). Breakfast McSaver™ Meal promotional price* is only available during breakfast hours at selected McDonald’s restaurants and may vary with choice of drink. Breakfast McSaver™ Meal promotional price* is only available at all McDonald’s restaurants except for Lucky Plaza, Lido and Gardens By the Bay. Promotional price* is not available via McDelivery or other delivery platforms. McDonald’s reserves the right to make changes to the Breakfast McSaver™ Meal without prior notice. Visuals are for illustration purposes only.

McDonald’s Super Saver Deals: Up to 60% Off

Dive into a world of flavors with McDonald’s enticing offers from 15 to 24 Jan 2024!

Unwrap layers of delight with meals that are not only a treat to your taste buds but also easy on your wallet. With savings up to 60%, every meal is a celebration!
Choose from:

  • M1: McChicken® Meal for S$5.00 (U.P. from S$5.95).
  • F1: Filet-O-Fish® Meal, Chicken McNuggets® (4pc) for S$6.00 (U.P. from S$10.50), Save 40%.
  • A6: Sausage McMuffin® for S$3.00 (U.P. from S$3.50). Available during breakfast hours only.
  • M2: Chicken McNuggets® (6pc) Meal for S$6.00 (U.P. from S$7.85). Save 20%.
  • M3: Double Cheeseburger Meal for S$7.00 (U.P.from S$7.25).
  • F2: McSpicy® Meal and Chicken McNuggets® (4pc) for S$7.00 (U.P. from S$12.35). Save 40%.
  • F3: Filet-O-Fish® Meal and McWings® (2pc) for S$7.00 (U.P. from S$9.65). Save 25%.
  • F4: McSpicy® Meal and McWings® (2pc) for S$8.00 (U.P. from S$11.50). Save 30%.
  • S1: McChicken® Meal, Filet-O-Fish® Meal, Chicken McNuggets® (6pc) for S$12.00 (U.P. from S$18.50). Save 35%.
  • S2: McSpicy® Meal, Filet-O-Fish® Meal, Chicken McNuggets® (6pc) for S$15.00 (U.P. from S$20.85). Save 25%.
  • Tasty Add-on: S$1.50 4pcs Chicken McNuggets (A1).
  • Tasty Add-on: S$1.50 French Fries (S) (A2) (Save 40%).
  • Tasty Add-on: S$1.50 Apple Pie (U.P from S$1.60) (A3).
  • Tasty Add-on: S$1.50 Iced Milo (S) (U.P from S$3.90) (A4) (Save 60%).
  • Tasty Add-on: S$1.50 Iced Lemon Tea (S) (U.P from S$3.85) (A5) (Save 60%).
  • Tasty Add-on: S$1.50 Hash Brown ((U.P from S$2.30) (A7) (Save 35%). Available during breakfast hours only.

McDonalds Super Saver Deals from 15 - 24 Jan 2024

McDonalds Super Saver Deals from 15 - 24 Jan 2024

McDonalds Super Saver Deals from 15 - 24 Jan 2024

Terms & Conditions:
Deals are not available via delivery and cannot be exchanged for cash. No refunds are allowed. Sausage McMuffin® and Hash Brown are available during breakfast hours only. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Featured products may contain allergens Feast (F1, F2, F3, and F4) is inclusive of French Fries (Small) and Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar (Small). Available while stocks last. Promotion period is from 15 January 2024 to 24 January 2024 only. McDonald’s reserves the right to change the promotion mechanics without prior notice. Percentage discounts may vary by outlet. Terms and Conditions apply.

McDelivery Offer: Free Coca-Cola Colour Changing Cups

Experience the enchantment with McDonald’s!

Starting from 4 January, at 11am, place an order through McDelivery and secure a FREE McDonald’s Coca-Cola Colour Changing Cup with a minimum spend of S$22 (delivery fee not included).

Accumulate all 5 unique colours via their weekly launches, every Thursday at 11am.

  • Week 1 (Red) – 4 to 10 January
  • Week 2 (Yellow) – 11 to 17 January
  • Week 3 (Green) – 18 to 24 January
  • Week 4 (Blue) – 25 to 31 January
  • Week 5 (Pink) – 1 to 7 February

McDelivery Offer: Free Coca-Cola Colour Changing Cups

Terms & Conditions
Free McDonald’s Coca-Cola Colour Changing cups is valid for McDelivery orders with S$22 minimum spend (excluding delivery fee). Promotion runs from 4 January 2024, 11:00am onwards. McDonald’s Coca-Cola Colour Changing cups will be given out according to weekly sequence, every Thursday 11am. And no exchanges or refunds are allowed. Visuals are for illustration purposes only, available while stocks last. Limited to one redemption per transaction, and cannot be combined with any other deals or promotions in the same transaction. This promotion / deal cannot be exchanged for cash. McDonald’s reserves the right to change the offers, menu and offers period any time without prior notice.

Saving Money on McDonald’s Orders in Singapore

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, the golden arches of McDonald’s are a familiar sight. With a market share of 18% in the chained consumer foodservice market, McDonald’s has established itself as a popular choice among Singaporeans. In fact, McDonald’s serves an average of 1.2 million customers each week across 135 restaurants.

Despite the popularity of fast food among the Singaporean population, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their spending habits. This is particularly true when it comes to dining out or ordering in. McDonald’s, known for its competitive pricing and savvy promotional items that cater to local tastes, often finds itself at the center of this cost-conscious mindset.

This section aims to highlight cost-effective ways to enjoy your favorite McDonald’s meals. From leveraging the McDonald’s app to understanding the menu and making smart orders, we’ll explore various strategies that can help you save money on your next McDonald’s order in Singapore. Whether you’re a student looking for a quick bite between classes, a busy professional grabbing a meal on the go, or a family enjoying a weekend treat, these tips will ensure you get the most bang for your buck at McDonald’s.

Utilize the McDonald’s App

Download & Registration

The first step to saving money on your McDonald’s orders is to download the McDonald’s app. Once downloaded, you’ll need to register an account. This will give you access to MyMcDonald’s Rewards, a points-based loyalty program that allows you to earn points with every purchase. As a welcome bonus, you’ll receive 300 points on your first order.

Exclusive App Deals

The McDonald’s app is not just a tool for ordering food; it’s also a hub for exclusive deals. These deals rotate regularly and include offers like 1-for-1 deals, discounted items, and special promotions like Happy Mondays. To claim any offer, simply click on the ‘Deals’ tab, select the offer you’d like to redeem, and add it to your mobile order.

Point System & Rewards

With MyMcDonald’s Rewards, you earn 10 points for every S$1 you spend. These points can be redeemed for a variety of free menu items. To start earning points, ensure you’ve opted into the MyMcDonald’s Rewards Loyalty Programme in the app.

Pre-order & Collect

The McDonald’s app also allows you to pre-order your meals and collect them at your convenience. You can choose to collect your order at the counter for takeaway, dine-in with table service, or pick it up at the drive-thru. This not only saves you time but also allows you to skip the queues.

Master the Menu & Order Smart

Combo Meal Magic

Understanding the McDonald’s menu can be the key to unlocking significant savings. One of the most effective strategies is to take advantage of combo meals.

Combo meals, also known as Value Meals, typically include a main item (like a burger or McNuggets), a side (like fries or apple slices), and a drink. The cost of a combo meal is often less than the total cost of these items if ordered separately. For example, an iconic Big Mac burger is priced from S$4.70, while the Cheesy Fries are priced from S$2.90. If you add a drink to this, the total cost can be quite high. However, a meal consisting of a burger plus sides will typically cost less than S$7, offering great value for money.

However, it’s important to consider your actual appetite and preferences. If you’re not particularly thirsty or if you don’t enjoy fries, the combo meal might not offer the best value for you. In such cases, ordering your preferred main item from the ala-carte menu might be more economical.

Remember, the goal is not just to spend less, but to get more value for every dollar spent. So, the next time you’re at McDonald’s, take a moment to do the math and see if a combo meal is the magic trick you need to save money.

Value Picks & Breakfast Deals

Value Picks are a great way to save money on your McDonald’s orders. These are budget-friendly options that offer great value for money. For example, the Extra Value Meals include a main item, a side, and a drink at a lower price than if you were to order these items separately.

Breakfast Deals are another excellent way to save. McDonald’s breakfast menu is available before 11am on weekdays and 12pm on weekends and public holidays. The menu includes a variety of options such as the Breakfast Deluxe and the Big Breakfast. These meals offer a combination of items like scrambled eggs, toasted wholegrain muffins, and savoury chicken sausage at a lower price than if you were to order these items separately.

In addition, McDonald’s Singapore has introduced the Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage McSaver™ Meal. For a limited time price of S$6, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast wrap, a crispy hash brown, and a freshly brewed coffee. This promotion promises a satisfying start to your day with a hearty breakfast wrap coupled with a hot beverage.

Remember, the key to saving money at McDonald’s is to understand the menu and make smart choices. So, whether you’re ordering for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, be sure to check out the Value Picks and Breakfast Deals.

Downsizing Portions

Another effective strategy to save money at McDonald’s is to consider downsizing your portions. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re not very hungry or if you’re trying to eat healthier.

For example, a large serving of French fries at McDonald’s in Singapore is 5.9 oz, while a small serving is 2.6 oz. If you find that a large serving is too much for you, consider opting for a small serving instead. Not only will this save you money, but it will also reduce your calorie intake.

Similarly, consider the size of your drink. In the 1950s, there was only one size of soda available at McDonald’s, and it was a modest 7 oz. Today, a large soda at McDonald’s is a whopping 30 oz. If you don’t need that much soda, consider opting for a smaller size. Again, this will save you money and reduce your sugar intake.

Remember, at McDonald’s, you’re in control of your order. Don’t be afraid to customize your meal to suit your appetite and your budget.

Skip the Add-ons & Upsizing

While add-ons and upsizing can make your meal more satisfying, they can also significantly increase the cost. For example, adding extra cheese to your burger or upsizing your drink can add a few dollars to your bill.

Consider the Filet-O-Fish meal. In 2022, the upsized meal cost S$6.40, but in 2023, the price increased to S$6.40 + S$1 = S$7.40. That’s an increase of 11.11%. If you’re not particularly hungry or thirsty, skipping the upsizing can save you money.

Similarly, consider whether you really need that extra cheese on your burger. While it might enhance the flavor, it also adds to the cost. If you’re trying to save money, it might be worth skipping the add-ons.

Remember, every dollar counts when you’re trying to save money. So, the next time you’re at McDonald’s, consider whether you really need those add-ons and upsizes.

Leverage External Promotions & Discounts

Credit Card Rewards

Many credit cards in Singapore offer rewards, cashback, or miles when you use them to pay for your meals at McDonald’s. Here are some of the best credit cards for fast food purchases:

  • OCBC 365 Card: This card offers 5% cashback on dining and food delivery with a minimum monthly spend of S$800.
  • Citi Cash Back Card: With this card, you can earn 6% cashback on dining with a minimum monthly spend of S$800.
  • UOB EVOL Card: This card offers 8% cashback on dining and food delivery via online or mobile contactless spend with a minimum monthly spend of S$600.
  • HSBC Revolution Card: This card allows you to earn 10X Rewards Points (4 miles per S$1 spend) on dining via online and mobile contactless spend.
  • UOB Lady’s Card: With this card, you can earn 15X UNI$ per S$5 spend (6 miles per S$1 spend) on chosen categories, including dining.

Remember, the key to maximizing your savings is to use the right card for the right purchase. So, before you place your next McDonald’s order, consider which credit card could give you the most rewards.

Delivery Platforms & Deals
In addition to in-store promotions, McDonald’s Singapore also offers exclusive deals through its delivery platform, McDelivery. These deals are often time-limited and can range from discounted items to freebies with a minimum spend.

For example, from 4 January onwards, customers who order via McDelivery and spend a minimum of S$22 (excluding delivery fee) can receive a free McDonald’s Coca-Cola Colour Changing Cup. The colour of the cup changes weekly, adding an element of surprise to your order.

It’s worth noting that these deals are subject to availability and terms and conditions. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the McDelivery website or app for the latest deals before placing your order.

Remember, the key to saving money is to stay informed about the latest deals and promotions. So, whether you’re ordering for delivery or dining in, be sure to check out the latest deals on the McDelivery platform.

Student & Senior Discounts

McDonald’s is known for its commitment to serving all segments of the community, and students and seniors are no exception.

Student Discounts:
While McDonald’s does not currently offer a company-wide student discount, it’s worth noting that promotions and discounts can vary by location and time. Therefore, students are encouraged to check the McDonald’s app or website regularly for the latest deals and promotions. In some countries, McDonald’s has offered discounts to students with a valid student ID or through platforms like Student Beans. So, it’s always worth asking at your local McDonald’s.

Senior Discounts:
As for senior citizens, discounts can vary greatly by location. Some McDonald’s locations may offer discounts on certain items or small-sized drinks to those ages 55 and up. However, these discounts are not company-wide and can vary by location. Therefore, seniors are encouraged to inquire about potential discounts at their local McDonald’s.

Remember, the key to saving money is to stay informed about the latest deals and promotions. So, whether you’re a student, a senior, or somewhere in between, be sure to check out the latest deals at your local McDonald’s.

Sharing with Friends

One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to save money at McDonald’s is to share your meal with friends. Not only does this allow you to enjoy a variety of menu items, but it also helps to reduce the cost per person.

Consider the Combo Sharebag from McDonald’s. It includes 4 burgers, 2 regular fries, 2 small fries, 2 regular soft drinks, 2 small soft drinks, and a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. This is a great option if you’re dining with a group, as it offers a variety of items at a lower cost per person than if each person were to order their meals separately.

Another strategy is to split a large meal. For example, a large fries or a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets can be easily shared among two or more people. This not only allows everyone to enjoy their favorite items, but it also helps to reduce the cost.

Sharing is caring – and in this case, it’s also a smart way to save money at McDonald’s.

Free Water & Condiments

Free Water:
While it might be tempting to add a bottled water to your order, there’s a cost-effective alternative available. McDonald’s provides a free cup of cold water if you simply ask for it. This can be a great way to stay hydrated without adding to the cost of your meal.

When it comes to condiments, McDonald’s has a policy in place. While you may be entitled to a certain quantity of free McNugget Sauces (Curry and BBQ) depending on your order, additional units of McNugget Sauce will be charged at S$0.50 each. Therefore, it’s worth considering whether you really need that extra sauce.

Birthday Treats & Rewards

McDonald’s appreciates its customers and loves to celebrate their special days with them. If you’re a member of MyM Rewards, you can look forward to receiving birthday treats during your birthday month.

In the past, McDonald’s Singapore has offered a promotion where you could purchase an ala carte 6-piece Chicken McNuggets® for just S$1 during your birthday month. While the specific offers may vary from year to year, you can always expect a special treat from McDonald’s on your birthday.

To ensure you don’t miss out on these birthday treats, make sure you’ve opted into the MyM Rewards Loyalty Programme on the McDonald’s app. Then, when your birthday month rolls around, check the app for your birthday treat.

Local McDonald’s Variations

McDonald’s has mastered the art of localizing its menu to cater to the tastes and preferences of its customers in different regions. In Singapore, McDonald’s has introduced several unique offerings that not only cater to local tastes but are also often more affordable than regular burgers.

For instance, McDonald’s Singapore has introduced a new take on a local favorite, the Sweet ‘N Sour Burger. This burger features crispy fish or chicken, complemented with pineapple, crispy shallots, and more. It’s a great example of how McDonald’s has successfully integrated itself into the Singaporean experience.

Another example is the Filet-O-Fish meal, which is a popular choice among Singaporeans. The meal includes a Filet-O-Fish burger, a side, and a drink. It’s a great value for money, especially when compared to other menu items.

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