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non-buffet 1-for-1 deals at ChopeDeals

ChopeDeals non-Buffet 1-For-1 Deals May 2021: 1-For-1 Bubble Tea, Mains, Dinner Set & more!

We’ll be updating this article every time we hear about new non-buffet 1-for-1 deals from ChopeDeals. Bookmark this page and keep checking back for latest offers.

Bacos: 1-for-1 Pizza

Enjoy 1-for-1 Signature Pizza promotion at Bacos when you purchase the voucher via ChopeDeals (now S$20.20, was S$40.40)

What’s Included:

2 Pizzas

Choice of Pizzas:
– Bacos Prosciutto & Funghi
– Margherita Pizza
– Bacos Chef Pizza
– Capricciosa
– Tandoori Chicken Pizza
– Spicy Minced Mutton Masala Pizza
– Cheese Pizza Formaggi
– Turkey Bacon Aussie Pizza
– Veg Pizza
– Paneer Cheese Pizza (Veg)
– Spicy Minced Mock Mutton Pizza (Veg)

Beirut Grill: 1-for-1 Shish Taouk

Get 1-for-1 Shish Taouk voucher via ChopeDeals at only S$25.89 (was S$51.78)

What’s Included:
2 Shish Taouk

Chengdu Bowl: 1-for-1 Signature Bowls

Enjoy the 1-for-1 Signature Bowls at Chengdu Bowl for only S$14.90 (was S$29.80) via ChopeDeals!

What’s Included:

2 Large Chengdu Bowls/Noodles

Coolman Froyo (Chinatown): 1-for-1

Purchase ChopeDeals vouchers and enjoy:

1-for-1 NUT-TELL-LAH-Waffle at S$6.90 (was S$13.80)

What’s Included:

2 Waffles

Each waffle includes:
– 1 Crunch
– 1 Sauce
– 1 Nutella
– 1 Yoghurt

1-for-1 Signature Yoghurt at S$7.90 (was S$15.80)

What’s Included:

2 Classic Yoghurts

Each yoghurt includes:
– 3 Fruits
– 1 Sauce

COLLIN’S: 1-for-1 Signature Mixed Grill + Truffle Mushroom Soup

Enjoy 51% off 1-for-1 Signature Mixed Grill + Truffle Mushroom Soup when purchasing a ChopeDeals voucher (now S$30, was S$60.84)


COLLIN’S @ Marina Square

COLLIN’S @ Great World

COLLIN’S @ Funan

COLLIN’S @ Cineleisure

What’s Included:

2 COLLIN’S® Signature Mixed Grill + 2 Truffle Mushroom Soups
– COLLIN’S® Signature Mixed Grill – Succulent grilled selection featuring Chicken Chop, Summer Kabana Pork Sausage, Pork Chop served with Seasonal Vegetables, Mushroom Potato Au Gratin, Pesto Cream Sauce and Black Pepper Sauce
– Truffle Mushroom Soup – Button Mushroom, Truffle Oil, Fresh Cream and Garlic Crouton

Doco Donburi: 1-for-1 Donburi Bowl Set

Enjoy 1-for-1 Donburi Bowl Set at Doco Donburi when purchasing this voucher (now S$16.90, was S$33.80).

What’s Included:

Choice of 2 Donburi + 2 Miso Soup + 2 Canned Drinks

Choice of Donburis:
– Sh-ken Donburi (Chicken)
– Sh-room Donburi (Mushroom)
– Sh-nack Donburi (Beef)
– Sh-ell Donburi (Prawn)
– Sh-otah Donburi (Otah)

Gong Cha: 1-for-1 Milk Tea

Enjoy 50% off 1-for-1 Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J at Gong Cha (now S$4.50, was S$9).

What’s Included:

1-for-1 Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J

Hollin: 2 Large Sized Bubble Tea at only $6.90

Enjoy 42% OFF 2 Large Sized Bubble Tea at Hollin (now S$6.90, was S$11.80)!

Hollin @ Suntec City

Hollin @ Toa Payoh Central

What’s included:

– Choice of any 2 large sized beverage + topping
– Exclude: Cocoa Strawberry & Taro toppings

Hook Your Daily Dose: 1-for-1 Bubble Tea

Enjoy 50% OFF 1-for-1 Bubble Tea at Hook Your Daily Dose (now S$5.50, was S$11.00)!

What’s included:

Choice of 2 Bubble Teas:
– Assam Black Tea
– Jasmine Green Tea
– Premium Earl Grey Tea
– Peach Green or Black Tea
– Peach Earl Grey Tea
– Passionfruit Green Tea
– Grapefruit Green Tea
– Honey Green or Black Tea
– Honey Earl Grey Tea
– Classic Milk Tea
– Jasmine Milk Tea
– Earl Grey Milk Tea
– Chocolate Milk Tea
– Honey Milk Tea

Hopii: 1-for-1 Milk Tea

Enjoy 1-for-1 Mungbean Smoothie Boba Milk Tea at Hopii (now S$5.30, was S$10.60).

What’s Included:

2 Mungbean Smoothie Boba Milk Tea with 1 Topping

Choice of Toppings:
– Pearl
– Nata De Coco

Lalune Croissant: 1-for-1 Croissant Set

Enjoy 50% off 1-for-1 Croissant Set Menu at Lalune Croissant (now S$7.90, was S$15.80).

What’s Included:

2 Croissants + 2 Any Choice of Coffee

Choice of Croissants:
– Original Croissant
– Chocolate Croissant
– Honey Croissant
– Apple Cinnamon Croissant
– Almond Croissant
– Multi-Grain Croissant
– Custard Croissant
– Raisin Roll
– Black and White (Chocolate Croissant filled with White Chocolate Sauce)

Madame Ooze Dessert Bar: 1-for-1 Ice-cream

Enjoy 1-for-1 Ice Cream at S$4.70 (was S$9.40).

What’s Included:

2 scoops of any flavours

*Croissant would require a top-up

Merdandy Bar & Cafe: 1-for-1 Mains

Enjoy 50% OFF 1-For-1 Mains at Merdandy Bar & Cafe (now S$17.50, was S$35.00)!

What’s included:

Choice of 2 mains:
– Fish and Chips
– Lamb Chop
– Chicken Chop
– Rendang Chicken
– Beef Burger
– Basil Mince Chicken/Beef
– Lasagna

Morning Grind Cafe: 1-for-1 Wrap Set

Enjoy 50% off 1-for-1 Wrap Set at Morning Grind Cafe (now S$10.80, was S$21.60).

What’s Included:

2 Wraps + 2 Coffees

Choice of 2 Wraps:
– Please make the selection in-store

Choice of 2 Coffees:
– Americano
– Macchiato
– Expresso
– House Brew
– Flat White
– Cappuccino
– Mocha
– Cafe Latte
– Flavoured Cafe Latte

Nanyang Old Coffee (Chinatown): 1-for-1 Drinks

Enjoy 1-for-1 drinks at Nanyang Old Coffee (Chinatown) (now S$3.80, was S$7.60).

What’s Included:

2 Drinks

Choice of 2 Drinks from the following:

Hot or Ice Blended
– Kopi O
– Kopi
– Kopi C
– Teh O
– Teh
– Teh C
– Milo

Ice Blended Only
– Roselle
– Lemon Sour Plum

CryoLava (Ice Chocolate Jelly)
– Coffee
– Milk Tea
– Chocolate

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen @ Beach Road: 2 Course Set Menu + Drinks for 2 Pax

Get 24% off 2 Course Set Menu + Drinks for 2 at Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen @ Beach Road (now S$17.00, was S$22.40)

What’s included:

Choice of 2 Main Course:
– Double Grill Chicken with Signature Jade Noodle / Rice W Sous Vide egg
– Khaosoi Mee Pok / Rice
– Stew Pork Longan with Vermicelli / Rice
– Stew Beef with Vermicelli / Rice
– Green Curry Chicken with Noodle / Rice
– Tom Yum Seafood Noodle / Rice or Tom Yum Chicken Noodle / Rice

Choice of 2 Sides:
– Two (2) pieces of Chicken Roll
– Two (2) pieces of Mini Spring Roll

Choice of 2 Homemade Drink:
– Thai Thai Milk Tea
– Thai Thai Green Tea
– Thai Lemon Grass
– Thai Lemon Tea

*Top up of S$5 for Mango Sticky Rice (usual price: S$7.90) payable to the restaurant.

Picante: 1-for-1 Mains

Enjoy 1-for-1 Signature Mains at Picante (now S$22, was S$44).

What’s Included:

2 Mains

Choice of Mains:
– Grilled Salmon Fillet
– Fish & Chips
– Grilled King Prawn
– Hungry Friend’s Beef Sandwich
– Beef Burger
– Smoked Salmon Sandwich
– Smoke Duck Sandwich
– Picante Chicken Sandwich

Pink Fish: 1-for-1 Saba Teriyaki Bowl Set

Enjoy 56% off 1-for-1 Saba Teriyaki Bowl Set at Pink Fish (now S$18.90, was S$43.40).

What’s Included:

2 Saba Teriyaki Bowl Sets + 2 Sides + 2 Drinks

2 Saba Teriyaki Bowl Sets

Choice of 2 Sides:
– Any Sides

Choice of 2 Drinks:
– Coke
– Fanta
– Sprite
– Mineral Water (Dasani)

Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh (Bedok): 1-for-1 Bak Kut Teh

Enjoy 1-for-1 Bak Kut Teh at Soon Huat Bak Kut Teh (Bedok) for only S$8.30 (was S$16.60).

What’s Included:

2 Bak Kut Teh (Soup) / Dried Bak Kut Teh

Teabrary: 1-for-1 Bubble Tea

Don’t miss the 1-for-1 deal on Bubble Tea at Teabrary via ChopDeals (now S$4.90, was S$9.80).

What’s Included:

Choice of any 2 Bubble Tea:
– Assam Valley Black Tea
– Taiwan Premium Green Tea
– Taiwan No.12 Jin Xuan Tea
– Taiwan Black Oolong
– Signature Milk Tea
– Taiwan No.12 Jin Xuan Oolong
– Premium Black Oolong
– Signature Milk Tea with Pearl
– Fresh Premium Milk (Brown Sugar Pearl)
– Signature Milk Tea (Brown Sugar Pearl)
– Assam Black Tea Cheesiato
– Premium Green Tea Cheesiato
– Jin Xuan Oolong Cheesiato
– Taiwan High Mountain Green Tea
– Premium Taiwan Jin Xuan
– Japanese Sencha Chamomile
– Champagne Darjeeling
– Iced Calamansi Lemon Juice
– Milk Tea with Pudding
– Milk Tea with Creme Cheese
– Green Tea with Strawberry Jelly
– Green Tea with Ume Jelly
– Teabrary Yuan Yang (Coffee x Tea)
– Tea Latte (Assam Black/ Black Oolong)
– Caffe Latte (Original/ Brown Sugar)
– Americano
– Sicily Iced Lemon Coffee

Toppings are not included unless otherwise stated. Please top-up directly to the shop for toppings. Subject to availability, first come first served.

The Carvery: 1-for-1 Mains

Enjoy 50% off 1-for-1 mains at The Carvery via ChopeDeals (now S$18.83, was S$37.66).

What’s Included:

Choices within each Set:

Set A
Set Includes:
– Fish & Chips
– Prawns Aglio Olio
– Mushroom Pizza

Set B
Set Includes:
– Grilled Salmon Fillet
– Seafood Spaghetti
– Beef & Chilli Pizza
– Wagyu Beef Burger & French Fries

Three’s A Crowd Cafe: 1-for-1 Ice Cream Churro Waffles

Enjoy 1-for-1 Ice Cream Churro Waffles at S$12 (was S$24).

Three’s A Crowd Cafe @ Little India

Three’s A Crowd Cafe @ Tampines

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