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Famous Amos Cookies Promotions: 1-for-1 Deal & More!

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The 1-for-1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Extravaganza

From May 24th to 26th, 2024, Famous Amos invites you to embrace the joy of their School Holiday Exclusive. It’s not merely a deal; it’s an experience tailored towards indulgence. For just S$15.90, unlock not one, but two 250g bags of their signature chocolate chip cookies.

What Awaits?

  • Double the Delight: Each cookie, a crafted masterpiece, invites a dance of butter, sugar, and chocolate—a treat that’s also an overture to shared happiness.
  • Chocolate Chip Magic: These golden bites are the essence of nostalgia, echoing lazy afternoons with cookies and milk.
  • Share the Sweetness: For those desiring more than a mere snack or orchestrating intimate gatherings, the doors are open.

Embarking on this Cookie Journey

  • In-Store Temptation: Traverse the island to welcoming spaces. Let the scent of cookies baking be the guide to pleasure.
  • Online Quest: Explore the digital domain, where a universe of cookies evolves. A simple click, an order, and the enchantment arrives at the doorstep.

Pricing Details

  • 1-for-1 Offer: S$15.90 secures TWO 250g bags of chocolate chip treasures.
  • Flavor Notes: Valid exclusively for Chocolate Chip & Pecan and Double Chocolate Chip & Pecan flavors.

Take hold of the bags, surrender to the sweetness, and let mirth resonate. Let these cookies accompany the treasured episodes of life.

famous amos 1-for-1  deal

1-for-1 Bag of 100g Cookies: An Overture of Delight

Until May 31st, 2024, SAFRA members have the key to a delightful revelation: a 1-for-1 offer on 100g bags of cookies. Picture this—two radiant packages of happiness for the cost of one. This is more than a mere indulgence; it’s a gesture to spread joy among companions.

What’s in Store?

  • Chocolate Chip Craftsmanship: Each cookie is a masterful creation, a fusion of butter, sugar, and chocolate. This isn’t simply a snack; it’s an odyssey of taste.
  • Reminiscence with Every Bite: These cookies are the foundation of cherished recollections—the coziness of youth, the simple pleasure of cookies dipped in milk.
  • Spread the Merriment: Whether in quiet reflection or shared laughter, these cookies are a companion for any moment.

Beginning the Cookie Quest

  • In-Store Enchantment: Step into any Famous Amos location throughout the island. The scent of cookies just out of the oven will lead to satisfaction.
  • SAFRA App Adventure: Engage with the SAFRA mobile app. Access , choose the special treat in the , and redeem at a participating store. Present the QR code or input the 4-digit pin at the register when placing an order.

Offer Details

  • 1-for-1 Special: SAFRA members can revel in two 100g bags of cookies at the price of one.
  • Exclusive Redemption: Available to the first 1,500 redemptions. Act swiftly before the supply dwindles.

famous amos free bags

10% Discount On 100g Bag of Cookies With NETSPay

In partnership with NETSPay, Famous Amos honor the fusion of tradition and technology.

Relish the Flavor, Relish the Savings!

Indulge in a culinary adventure with a 10% discount on the delicious 100g bag of cookies, a collection of tastes ready to be discovered.

A Delight for Every Taste

This promotion is available at all locations, beckoning those who find joy in the sweetness of a cookie, those who desire a break in their day with a taste that resonates with them.

So, come quickly, for the cookies are ready, and the deal is fleeting.

Don’t let this opportunity pass by, for it’s a rare day that Famous Amos extends an invitation filled with flavor and savings.

Available at all locations, because everyone who loves cookies deserves this happiness

famous amos 10% off

Famous Amos Promotion: A Bag of Delights for S$10.90

For just S$10.90, secure a bag filled with 200g of cookies — a collection of delights, each piece a harmony of tastes ready to captivate your senses.

A Midweek Indulgence at Great World City & City Square Mall

  • Venture to Great World City & City Square Mall, and seize the opportunity to treat yourself to a luxury that’s also a smart choice.
  • This special promotion is your midweek treat, a chance to enjoy a sweet respite available Monday to Thursday, from 3 to 5 pm.

Cherish the Moment, Cherish the Memories

  • As the afternoon unfolds, let the week’s concerns fade away like fleeting shadows.
  • Embrace this time of joy, cookies are more than just treats—they are crafted experiences, ready to be cherished with each bite.

Terms and conditions are in place, but the delight of a Famous Amos cookie is boundless.


Famous Amos Promotion: S$5 for a 100g Cookie Delight

For a modest S$5, students can enjoy 100g of the odelightful cookies—a token of appreciation, each bite a festivity of taste and youthful energy.

An Ode to the Academics

Present your student ID card and dive into the Famous Amos Student Special: Indulge in bags of delicious cookies, specially priced at just S$5—a modest sum for a delightful treat.

An Accessible Offer Awaiting Your Arrival

  • This offer allows two bags per student, affirming the limitless potential of education.
  • Available only at selected stores, it beckons those who traverse the path of knowledge, recognizing the sweet fruits that come with the quest for learning.

Don’t miss out on this chance to relish the flavors of success, to grasp a snack that’s as rich in taste as it is in value!

Famous amos offer

S$18.90 For 02 Pouches of Cookies

For the inviting price of S$18.90, you’re welcomed to enjoy two pouches of cookies, each a cornucopia of 180 grams of baked ecstasy—a fusion of chocolate chips and dough, each nibble a lyric in the sonnet of gustatory pleasure.

This special is less a commercial exchange and more a festive convocation of flavor and memory, where each cookie is a homage to the craft of confectionery. It’s an overture to relish, to recall, to come together in the warmth of shared indulgence.

For S$18.90, grant yourself the treat of this unparalleled pair, and let the legendary taste of Famous Amos’s cookies accompany the small, joyful moments of your day.

Hesitate not, for this tempting proposition is but a transient episode in the narrative of sweet encounters. The essence of delight, presented in two alluring packets, calls to you.

Grab yours today and treat yourself!

famous amos offer

Signature Tin Collection

The Signature Tin Collection at Famous Amos is an array of exquisite treats; each tin is a celebration of the craft of cookie creation.

Envision a container, brimming with the rich, melt-in-your-mouth textures of the celebrated cookies, which also serves as an elegant storage option.

After the final cookie has been enjoyed, this container becomes a charming keeper for your prized herbs or a fashionable addition to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

This series, a harmony of flavor and practicality, is presented for a brief period.

Seize the chance to add a refined touch and a sprinkle of sweet memories to your cooking space with the Famous Amos Signature Tin Collection—a special selection that promises to captivate your senses and your storage solutions.

Grab it now!

famous amos tin collection




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