Malaysia Airlines Promotions for June 2023: Fares From $124

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Special Air Fares From $124

Malaysia Airlines is running special fares to exciting destinations worldwide.

Take advantages of Malaysia Airlines’ promotional fares from $124, departing from Singapore – Changi International Airport to over 400 destinations worldwide including Munic, Vancouver, Dubai, London, Tokyo and more.
Purchase period: now – 19 Apr 2020.
Travel Period: now – 30 Nov 2020.

ToFrom SGDClassMore deals
Adelaide812 SGDEconomyBook now
Adelaide3610 SGDBusinessBook now
Alor Setar124 SGDEconomyBook now
Alor Setar467 SGDBusinessBook now
Auckland1168 SGDEconomyBook now
Auckland5159 SGDBusinessBook now
Bandar Seri Begawan387 SGDEconomyBook now
Bandar Seri Begawan1700 SGDBusinessBook now
Bangkok216 SGDEconomyBook now
Bangkok920 SGDBusinessBook now
Beijing478 SGDEconomyBook now
Beijing2073 SGDBusinessBook now
Bengaluru435 SGDEconomyBook now
Bengaluru1790 SGDBusinessBook now
Bintulu185 SGDEconomyBook now
Bintulu631 SGDBusinessBook now
Brisbane828 SGDEconomyBook now
Brisbane3626 SGDBusinessBook now
Chennai424 SGDEconomyBook now
Chennai1779 SGDBusinessBook now
Colombo487 SGDEconomyBook now
Colombo1853 SGDBusinessBook now
Delhi455 SGDEconomyBook now
Delhi1981 SGDBusinessBook now
Denpasar-Bali295 SGDEconomyBook now
Denpasar-Bali1109 SGDBusinessBook now
Dhaka498 SGDEconomyBook now
Dhaka1864 SGDBusinessBook now
Guangzhou344 SGDEconomyBook now
Guangzhou1823 SGDBusinessBook now
Hanoi298 SGDEconomyBook now
Hanoi1302 SGDBusinessBook now
Ho Chi Minh City244 SGDEconomyBook now
Ho Chi Minh City999 SGDBusinessBook now
Hong Kong SAR, China343 SGDEconomyBook now
Hong Kong SAR, China1765 SGDBusinessBook now
Hyderabad465 SGDEconomyBook now
Hyderabad1820 SGDBusinessBook now
Jakarta244 SGDEconomyBook now
Jakarta1000 SGDBusinessBook now
Kathmandu614 SGDEconomyBook now
Kathmandu1910 SGDBusinessBook now
Kochi425 SGDEconomyBook now
Kochi1780 SGDBusinessBook now
Kota Bharu124 SGDEconomyBook now
Kota Bharu467 SGDBusinessBook now
Kota Kinabalu185 SGDEconomyBook now
Kota Kinabalu631 SGDBusinessBook now
Kuala Lumpur103 SGDEconomyBook now
Kuala Lumpur412 SGDBusinessBook now
Kuala Terengganu124 SGDEconomyBook now
Kuala Terengganu467 SGDBusinessBook now
Kuantan124 SGDEconomyBook now
Kuantan467 SGDBusinessBook now
Kuching121 SGDEconomyBook now
Kuching512 SGDBusinessBook now
Labuan185 SGDEconomyBook now
Labuan631 SGDBusinessBook now
Langkawi124 SGDEconomyBook now
Langkawi467 SGDBusinessBook now
London - Heathrow1159 SGDEconomyBook now
London - Heathrow5539 SGDBusinessBook now
Manila288 SGDEconomyBook now
Manila1329 SGDBusinessBook now
Medan Kuala Namu194 SGDEconomyBook now
Medan Kuala Namu900 SGDBusinessBook now
Melbourne807 SGDEconomyBook now
Melbourne3605 SGDBusinessBook now
Miri185 SGDEconomyBook now
Miri631 SGDBusinessBook now
Mumbai475 SGDEconomyBook now
Mumbai2001 SGDBusinessBook now
Osaka660 SGDEconomyBook now
Osaka2961 SGDBusinessBook now
Penang124 SGDEconomyBook now
Penang467 SGDBusinessBook now
Perth547 SGDEconomyBook now
Perth2566 SGDBusinessBook now
Phnom Penh255 SGDEconomyBook now
Phnom Penh1010 SGDBusinessBook now
Phuket216 SGDEconomyBook now
Phuket920 SGDBusinessBook now
Sandakan185 SGDEconomyBook now
Sandakan631 SGDBusinessBook now
Seoul651 SGDEconomyBook now
Seoul2401 SGDBusinessBook now
Shanghai478 SGDEconomyBook now
Shanghai2073 SGDBusinessBook now
Sibu185 SGDEconomyBook now
Sibu631 SGDBusinessBook now
Surabaya Juanda293 SGDEconomyBook now
Surabaya Juanda1107 SGDBusinessBook now
Sydney830 SGDEconomyBook now
Sydney3628 SGDBusinessBook now
Taipei483 SGDEconomyBook now
Taipei2025 SGDBusinessBook now
Tawau185 SGDEconomyBook now
Tawau631 SGDBusinessBook now
Tokyo Narita656 SGDEconomyBook now
Tokyo Narita2957 SGDBusinessBook now
Xiamen508 SGDEconomyBook now
Xiamen1923 SGDBusinessBook now
Yangon297 SGDEconomyBook now
Yangon1301 SGDBusinessBook now

Foods & Drinks – 20% OFF

Get yourself a Starbucks beverage or any Kenny Rogers ROASTERS chicken meal with 20% off. Present your boarding pass (physical/digital) or MHvoucher at any outlet in Malaysia, except for Starbucks stores in Genting Highlands to get discount. The offer is valid within 48 hours upon departure.
Promotion starts from 20 Dec 2019 until 20 Dec 2020. Don’t miss it.

Foods & Drinks - 20% OFF

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