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giga! Singapore Promo Codes: giga! deal: FREE 23,000,000GB, Free ESIM

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Free eSIM promotion has been extended for another month, from now until July 31st! After this period, switching to an eSIM will be just S$1 per line.

For Giga!’s valued customers on the S$18 and above plans, now is the perfect time to make the switch and experience the seamless benefits of 5G. Imagine the freedom of instant connectivity, without the wait for a physical SIM card.

Swipe to discover the easy, step-by-step guide for existing Giga users to download your eSIM and ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection throughout the process for a smooth and successful installation.
giga deal

23,000,000 Gigabytes, As Boundless As The Rain Itself

As the monsoon wraps Singapore in its rhythmic dance, giga! announces a season brimming with digital abundance. 23,000,000 gigabytes, as limitless as the rain, await giga! enthusiasts.

Monsoon Data Delight: A giga! Celebration

With each downpour, every drop heralds a promise of boundless connectivity. To the valued giga! community, giga! presents the joy of uninterrupted digital access, complimentary as the rains pour.

Claim Your Bounty Amidst the Showers:

Embrace the Downpour: Open your giga! app with the arrival of rain.

A Gift from the Clouds: Select redeem on the notification that appears on your dashboard.

Each mobile connection is entitled to this daily gift, a treasure to be enjoyed within our city’s bounds.

23,000,000 Gigabytes of Generosity:

As the rain nourishes the land, so does giga! enrich your connection to the digital sphere.

Let’s hope it POURS to grab it!
giga! free data

A Full Day Of FREE Unlimited Giga Services—data, Minutes, And SMS

Dear July babies, gather ’round! Giga extends a heartfelt gift to you.

On your special day, immerse yourself in the joy of unlimited connectivity.

Enjoy a full day of FREE unlimited Giga services—data, minutes, and SMS—across all your Giga mobile lines.

It’s the way of saying, “Happy Birthday!” from Giga! and ensuring your day is as boundless as your dreams.

Celebrate with Giga, where every moment counts!
giga deal

giga! Offer: 5G eSIM

Joining the Giga family, get ready for an incredible 5G experience.

  • New Giga Customers: Starting at just S$18.33, the 300GB 5G giga plans come with a bonus: 2GB of free roaming data! Activate your 5G eSIM instantly and dive into the future of mobile technology.
  • Existing Giga Champions: If you’re on a S$18+ plan, you’ll automatically receive a FREE upgrade from 4G to 5G during your next plan renewal cycle. No hassle, no extra charges—just pure 5G goodness.

How it works:

  • Today: Choose your path to 5G bliss. Swap to an eSIM (it’s free until June 30, 2024!) or opt for a 5G physical SIM (only $2.04 for delivery). Head to the Giga app, tap the mega menu (bottom right), and explore the SIM services section.
  • Next Renewal Cycle: Your current 4G plan will magically transform into a 5G wonderland—for FREE! Keep an eye on your renewal date via the Giga App dashboard.

Upgrade to Giga 5G today!
giga 5G deal

giga! Discount: 20GB for S$10.19

For the fortunate sum of S$10.19, you’re welcomed to a generous allotment of data that magnifies your digital capacity from 10GB to 20GB.

A Bounty of Benefits:

  • Amplified Abundance: Your initial 10GB blossoms into 20GB.
  • Continued Prosperity: Enjoy up to 40GB with complimentary rollover data.
  • Borderless Connectivity: Journey afar with an extra 1GB roaming data, gifted to you.
  • Unfettered Conversations: 300 minutes of talktime and 300 SMS to stay in touch.
  • Unrestrained Choice: Freedom from contracts, the liberty to discontinue at will.
  • Peak Performance: Benefit from the swiftness of Singapore’s premier network.

Dive into an uninterrupted flow of entertainment and discovery. With giga!, your digital escapades are limitless.

giga deal

giga! Offer: Your Shield Against the Unwanted

In the bustling city of Singapore, where the hum of connectivity is as constant as the beat of the rain, giga! introduces a sanctuary of silence amidst the clamor of the world—a feature as thoughtful as it is essential: Block International Calls.

Tired of the relentless buzz of scam calls that disrupt your peace? Fear not, for giga! stands guard with a new bastion within the giga! App—your refuge from the chaos.

Here’s How to Fortify Your Digital Realm:

  • Step into Serenity: Enter the giga! App, your portal to tranquility.
  • Navigate to Calm Waters: In the mega menu, sail smoothly to settings.
  • Activate Your Barrier: With a simple flick, engage “Block International Calls” and let the quietude envelop you.

It’s FREE for all giga customers! Try it now!
giga offer: Block international calls

gigaRoam: Your Companion in Exploration

With each gigabyte priced at a mere S$5, your stories across seas and skies are waiting to be told, uninterrupted and rich with experience.

A Narrative of Connectivity:

  • Craft Your Saga: Each gigabyte is a building block to your adventure, activated individually to weave a seamless story.
  • Curate Your Journey: Revel in the freedom to roam across cherished destinations—Japan’s serene landscapes, Korea’s vibrant streets, and Australia’s wild horizons.

Grab it now!
giga roaming

gigaBuddy Saver: A Tale of Savings

For the savvy sojourner in the digital bazaar, the gigaBuddy Saver is more than a mere transaction; it’s a passage to a realm where every click is a declaration of kinship, every saving a chapter in your saga of smart choices.

Unfolding the Perks:

  • A Single Click: Add a gigaBuddy line with the ease of a storyteller’s flourish at the checkout page.
  • A Pocketful of Savings: Cherish the delight of S$2.02 saved on your delivery fee, a token to honor your astute decision.
  • A Swift Embrace: Revel in the convenience of acquiring a new giga line in less than a heartbeat, a testament to the swift pace of our times.

giga buddy saver deal

giga! Special Offer: A Chronicle of Abundance
The tale begins with 200GB for $18.17, a six-month saga of digital plenty.

As chapters unfold, the plot thickens—data gracefully transitions to a steady 150GB.

Embedded within this story are the companions of conversation: 800 minutes and 800 SMS, along with the enduring promises of Free Rollover Data, Free Caller ID, and Free incoming calls—forever part of your journey.

Parallel to this runs a parallel plotline—300GB for $20.19, another six-month odyssey that later settles into a comforting rhythm of 200GB.

Here, the dialogue extends to 1000 minutes and 1000 SMS, with the same perpetual vows of Free Rollover Data, Free Caller ID, and Free incoming calls.

Don’t miss it out! Grab it now! !

giga offer

giga! Sale: 2GB for S$3.93

For only S$3.90 per month, you can enjoy a generous 2GB of data, with the bonus of free rollover data to ensure you make the most of every kilobyte.

This offer, as comforting as a familiar embrace, is open to all valued giga! patrons.

It’s the gi-gaBuddy data-only plan, a reliable partner like the enduring friendships in our favorite novels, perfectly suited for your second device.

giga buddy offer

S$38 gigaBucks

With your first referral, a reward of S$2 gigaBucks blossoms in your account, a modest beginning promising growth.

But as your network expands, from the second to the tenth friend you introduce to the giga! community, the reward doubles to S$4 gigaBucks per referral.

It’s a crescendo of savings, a collective voice joining in harmony to the tune of S$38 gigaBucks.

gigaBucks 3 Mar 2021

giga plans

giga plans
Step into the giga! realm, where each plan is an invitation to a personal voyage through the dynamic landscape of life in Singapore:

  • For the individual who values simplicity, the 5GB plan is a testament to practicality. For only S$10, this plan offers a harmonious blend of 100 minutes of talk and 100 SMS, embodying the essence of straightforward living.
  • For those who balance life’s demands with grace, the 25GB plan is a tribute to equilibrium. At S$25, it’s the ideal choice for those who manage life’s daily challenges, providing 1000 minutes and 1000 SMS to maintain connections.
  • For the dreamers with boundless aspirations, the 50GB plan is their canvas for grand ideas. Priced at S$45, it celebrates the ambitious, with a generous 10000 minutes and 10000 SMS, ensuring every opportunity for exploration is within reach.

True to giga!’s ethos of liberty, each plan comes with the benefits of free rollover data, free caller number display, free incoming calls and SMS, and the ultimate modern convenience—no contract.

This is the giga! philosophy—where each byte and conversation propels you forward in Singapore’s vibrant journey of life.

These offers have expired, but might still help you save!

S$20.37/ Month For 330GB With Trust Bank

In the lively streets of Singapore, where connections weave through the city’s fabric, Trust Bank and giga! present an offer of digital plenty. For just S$20.37 a month, this plan provides a generous 330GB, a thousand minutes for calls, and a thousand SMS to keep you connected.

This special promotion is available until the 30th of June, 2024, with an additional 130GB for the first six months, allowing unused data to carry over.

With the turn of the seventh month, the plan transitions to a steady 200GB. Choose the 200GB giga! plan to take advantage of this unique offer.

To secure this deal, use the code TRUSTGIGA330Code is copied at checkout and pay with your Trust card to enjoy these benefits.

giga_trust bank




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