7-Eleven Promotions: S$1 Deals & more!

  1. Treat yourself to a refreshing spread of drinks, snacks, and more for just S$1 at 7-Eleven. Sale ends 22 November 2022.
    1. Jia Jia Herbal Tea Zero Sugar 500ml (UP S$2.30)
    2. Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea 500ml (UP S$2.60)
    3. Ribena Blackcurrant Light 450ml (UP S$2.80)
    4. Pokka Oolong Tea 500ml (UP S$2.50)
    5. 100PLUS Isotonic Drink Original 500ml (UP S$2.60)
    6. Heaven & Earth Ice Lemon Tea 500ml (UP S$2.40)
    7. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar 500ml (UP S$2.70)
    8. Meiji Milk Assorted Flavours 200ml (UP S$1.50)
    9. Magnolia Yoghurt Smoothie Assorted Flavours 250ml (UP S$1.50)
    10. Nutella B-ready T1 22g (UP S$1.20)
    11. Kit Kat Chocolate Bites 40g (UP S$2.10)
    12. Maggi Hot Mealz Tom Yam / Kari Kari Kaw 95g / 101g (UP S$2.55)
    13. Tong Garden Daily Pack Apple Pie / Berry Mix 28g (UP S$2.00)
    14. Eurocake Brownie With Chocolate Chips 35g (2 for S$1)
  2. 7-Eleven promo - S$1 Deal

    7-Eleven promo - S$1 Deal

  3. 7-Eleven has launched a new 7Café beverage which is inspired by the popular local dessert – Ondeh Ondeh, with 3 flavors available for your to select from:
    • Iced Ondeh Ondeh Latte at S$3.50
    • Hot Ondeh Ondeh Latte at S$2.70
    • Hot Ondeh Ondeh at S$2.50

    Grab your pals and come try 7Café’s new Ondeh Ondeh beverages now!⁣

  4. 7-11 new drink from S$2.50

  5. Stay safe and protected with up to 40% savings on selected face masks:⁣⁣
    1. Shu Jie Disposable Mask 50s – S$20 (U.P. S$35)⁣⁣
    2. The More Care Disposable Face Mask 50s – S$20⁣⁣
    3. Huan Hua Disposable Face Mask 50s – S$20⁣⁣
    4. Lifebuoy Face Protection Mask 50s – S$25⁣⁣
    5. Offer Protection Disposable Protective Mask – S$20 (U.P. S$35)⁣⁣
  6. Alternatively, you may want to checkout grocery deals from RedMart, FairPrice On, Giant Hypermarket, Sheng Siong Online, pandamart, Cold Storage, and EAMart!
  7. Share your love for the 7Rewards app with a friend (or more!) and receive a S$2 7-Eleven eVoucher each! Download here.
  8. Save S$2.10 when you purchase a carton of your favourite Meadows Potato Chips available in Truffle and other assorted flavours! Not only do you save, but you also get to collect 7rewards stamp to redeem for eVouchers! Hurry, while stocks last only.
  9. For a limited time only, pick up the Basque Burnt Cheesecake 100g for a sweet treat for only S$2.50 (U.P. S$2.90) at 7-Eleven stores today!
  10. [NEW & EXCLUSIVE]⁣ UHA CORORO premium gummies now come in 2 new refreshing soda flavours – Ramune Soda (Lemon-Lime) & Cola Chill.⁣ Freeze these yummy gummies for that extra chew and a refreshing bite.
    • ⁣⁣⁣During the cold winter nights, share the love and crack open cans of beer with loved ones with twin-pack options like Sapporo Premium Beer going at 2 for S$9.50 or party-packs like 6 cans of Heineken for only S$17.90, and many more!
    • Or if you love yourself some wine, grab a bottle of Red Peak Moscato for only S$12.90 with a free wine bag with every 2 bottles purchased, selections from Saint Auriol Chatelaine (2 for S$16.90) and Red Peak (2 for S$29.90), as well as other wine options too!⁣⁣⁣Over the coming days, 7-Eleven is unwrapping some exciting holiday surprises coming your way at 7-Eleven!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

    Find these alcohol deals at a 7-Eleven near you, and stay tuned for more exciting deals coming real soon!

  11. Celebrate your return to office with these fantastic deals at 7-Eleven!⁣⁣
    • Shake off those morning blues with 50% OFF all 7Café iced coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans. Perk yourself up with a strong dark 7Café Iced Americano for just S$1.10, or 7Café Iced Latte and Iced Mocha, going at only S$1.25!⁣⁣
    • You can also find a whole range of drinks going for just S$1. From delightful treats such as Natsbee Honey Lemon and Bandung Rose Milk Drink to healthier options such as Coca-Cola No Sugar, Nescafé Latte, or 100Plus, ensure your office pantry is stocked with the drinks you love.⁣⁣
    • If you’re seeking out a new pick-me-up snack, the newly launched 7-Select X IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin Krumbs Onigiri is just the thing. Bite into IRVINS’ renowned crunchy salted egg fish skin krumbs wrapped in fluffy Japanese short-grain rice and crispy seaweed and you will realise why many have called this #DangerouslyAddictive! Find it exclusively at 7-Eleven with a 2 for S$4.50 deal!

    Heading back to the office has never been better with these deals available at a 7-Eleven near you today!⁣⁣

  12. For a limited time, you can enjoy this wrap at a special price of only S$2.90 (U.P. S$3.50). Head to a nearby 7-Eleven and try the Mr Popiah Nasi Briyani Wrap today!
  13. [LIMITED TIME ONLY]⁣⁣ Fuel your day and spend some time in glee today with 7-Eleven S$3 deals on these tea and coffee best sellers!⁣⁣
    • ⁣⁣$3 NEW Genki Forest Milk Tea (Original / Jasmine)⁣⁣
    • 2 for S$3 Wan Wan Bubble Milk Tea (Original / Brown Sugar) 290ml⁣⁣
    • 2 for S$3 Seven Seven Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Ball 40g⁣⁣
    • BTS Hot Brew Vanilla Latte or Cold Brew Americano⁣⁣
    • Any 2 for S$3 Nescafe Latte Intenso / Mocha Hazelnut / Mocha Orange 240ml⁣⁣

    Find some coffee, tea and glee with these special deals at a 7-Eleven store near you today!⁣⁣ Not a member with 7-Eleven yet? Download today and get +1 FREE Stamp, for new users only!

  14. Unwrapping 7-Eleven latest product, the Chicken Rice Onigiri. Available for only S$2.50, the Chicken Rice Onigiri joins 7-Eleven’s extensive range of Onigiri flavours. Enjoy them at special deal when you purchase 2 Onigiri at 7-Eleven — S$3.70 for 2 Onigiri when you choose from the Grilled Salmon, Tuna Mayo, Chicken Teriyaki and Salmon Tartar fillings, or 2 for S$4.50 if you choose from the Chicken Luncheon Meat with Egg, Unagi, Hanjuku Egg, and the new Chicken Rice filling!⁣ What are you waiting for? Tuck into an Onigiri or two at 7-Eleven today!
  15. Earn up to 10% rebate at 7-Eleven with UOB One Credit Card and 3% rebate with UOB One Debit Card!⁣⁣
  16. Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colour with 3 of your favourite M&M’S® chocolates: Milk Chocolate, Peanut and Crispy, and share it with your loved ones today. Going at 2 for S$9, enjoy the fun while stocks last, at selected 7-Eleven stores here.
  17. Purchase a bottle of Chum Churum Peach Soju or Yogurt Soju and get an exclusive $1 OFF two Ready-To-Eat meals — the spicy and tangy Kimchi Fried Rice or the tasty Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio. Refresh yourself with this deal, and enjoy it while soaking yourself in the exciting K-drama plots at home, available at 7-Eleven stores near you!
  18. Excite your taste buds with the NEW Pepsi Black Lime — the latest addition to the Pepsi Black family!⁣⁣⁣⁣ No calorie with a refreshing bold Lime taste. Grab one home today, at your nearest 7-Eleven store!⁣⁣⁣⁣
  19. Haven’t tried 7-Eleven’ Family Packs yet? Get a pack or two to spice up your meals at home with the NEW and FRESH 7-Select Butter Chicken, Curry Chicken packs going at S$10.80, and S$8.80 respectively, while Garlic Fried Rice and Kombu Rice Onigiri packs are at S$6.50 each! For a limited time only, buy 2 Family Packs of the same flavour and get S$2 OFF your purchase!* Try out delightful Family Packs if you haven’t, while stocks last!⁣⁣ *Applicable to Butter Chicken & Chicken Curry only.
  20. Explore 7-eleven diverse range of desserts, and satisfy your sweet tooth with 7-Eleven!⁣
    • ⁣From oozy Chocolate Lava Cake, unique Goomedo Sando dessert sandwiches at S$2.20 each (U.P. S$2.50), creamy Roll Cakes, red bean and cream Dorayaki, and rich Hokkaido Choux Cream puffs at only S$1.80 each — mmhm you’ll surely find a dessert you’re craving for.
    • ⁣Add some cheer to your meal with a Chocolate Lava Cake or a pack of Hanjuku Eggs to any purchase of a packed meal today at ONLY S$1.60!

    Be sure to try these mouth-watering desserts at your nearest 7-Eleven today!

  21. Don’t miss out on ALL-NEW Chocolate Lava Pau. End off your meal at home with this piping hot bun, available at 7-Eleven at only S$1.20!

List of 7-Eleven stores with Mr. Softee machines


  1. No.4 Lorong Mambong, S277672

  2. 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West #01-03, Clementi Mall, S129588

  3. Blk.501 Jurong West Street 51 #01-255, S640501

  4. Blk.252 Jurong East Street 24 #01-129, S600252

  5. 19 Toh Yi Drive #01-117, S590019

  6. Blk.259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road #01-20, S671259

  7. Blk.423 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 #01-260, S680423

  8. Blk.445 Fajar Road #01-556, S670445

  9. Blk. 623 Choa Chu Kang Street 62 #01-216 (Next to Yew Tee MRT Station), S680623

  10. Blk. 959 Jurong West Street 92 #01-156, S640959

  11. Blk. 492 Jurong West Street 41 #01-72, S640492

  12. Blk. 524A Jelepang Road #02-16/17 Greenridge Shopping Centre, S671524

  13. Blk. 399 Yung Sheng Road #01-49 Taman Jurong Shopping Centre, S610399

  14. No. 6 Clementi Road #01-01, S129741

  15. Blk. 689B Choa Chu Kang Drive #01-306, S682689

  16. Blk. 221 Boon Lay Place #01-140/144 Boon Lay Shopping Centre, S640221

  17. No. 21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 #01-07A Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall, S689812

  18. No. 1 Jelebu Road #02-01A Bukit Panjang Plaza, S677743

  19. Blk. 347 Bukit Batok Street 34 #01-262, S650347

  20. Blk. 678D Jurong West Street 64 #01-345, S644678

  21. No. 201 Boon Lay Way #01-03 Lakeside MRT Station, S649845

  22. Blk. 659 Jurong West Street 65 #01-01, S640659

  23. Blk. 160A Jalan Teck Whye Lane #01-02, S681160

  24. 3150 Commonwealth Avenue West #02-01 Clementi MRT Station, S129580

  25. Blk. 668A Jurong West Street 64 #01-120, S641668

  26. Blk. 213 Bukit Batok Street 21 #01-215, S650213

  27. 2 Jurong East Central 1, #01-17A Jcube, S609731


  1. Blk. 1A Eunos Crescent #01-2469/2471, S401001

  2. No. 705 East Coast Road (Near Siglap Centre), S459062

  3. No. 348 Geylang Road, S389369

  4. Blk. 802 Tampines Avenue 4 #01-09, S520802

  5. Blk. 446 Pasir Ris Drive 6 #01-112, S510446

  6. No. 5 Tampines Street 32 #01-19/20 Tampines Mart, S529284

  7. Blk. 735 Pasir Ris Street 72 #01-340, S510735

  8. Blk. 57 Marine Terrace #01-125 (Next to Katong Convent Sec. Sch), S440057

  9. No. 744 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3061, S470744

  10. Blk. 89 Bedok North Street 4 #01-83, S460089

  11. No. 226 Geylang Road, S389286

  12. Blk. 201E Tampines Street 23 #01-100, S527201

  13. Blk. 201B Tampines Street 21 #01-1063, S522201

  14. Blk. 844 Tampines Street 82 #01-137, S520844

  15. Blk. 462 Tampines Street 44 #01-72, S520462

  16. Blk. 282 Tampines Street 22 #01-302, S520282

  17. Blk. 164 Tampines Street 12 #01-297, S521164

  18. No. 21 Tampines North Drive 2 #01-02 WRS, S528765

  19. Blk. 185 Pasir Ris Street 11 #01-60, S510185

  20. No. 1 Changi Business Park Crescent #01-20, S486025

  21. Blk. 491D Tampines St.45 #01-224, S523491

  22. Blk. 245 Pasir Ris Street 21#01-83, S510245

  23. 122 Geylang East Central #01-88, S380122


  1. Blk. 210 Hougang Street 21 #01-275, S530210

  2. Blk. 101 Towner Road #01-234, S322101

  3. Blk. 644 Hougang Avenue 8 #01-273, S530644

  4. Blk. 118 Rivervale Drive #01-05/06 Rivervale Plaza, S540118

  5. Blk. 401 Hougang Avenue 10 #01-1168, S530401

  6. Blk. 698 Hougang Street 61 #01-02, S530698

  7. Blk. 319A Anchorvale Drive #01-78, S541319

  8. Blk. 318B Anchorvale Link #01-255, S542318

  9. Blk. 356 Hougang Avenue 7 #01-781, S530356

  10. Blk. 504 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #01-474, S550504

  11. Blk. 232 Compassvale Walk #01-458, S540232

  12. Blk. 403A Fernvale Lane #01-177, S791403

  13. 23 Serangoon Central #B2-16 Serangoon Central Mall, S556083

  14. 681 Punggol Drive #02-04/05/06 (Oasis Terraces), S820681

  15. 600 Upper Serangoon Road, #B1-04 Serangoon MRT, S534801


  1. Blk.532 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #01-2455, S560532

  2. Blk. 102 Yishun Avenue 5 #01-137, S760102

  3. Blk. 339 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-1579, S560339

  4. Blk.807 Yishun Ring Road #01-4217, S760807

  5. Blk.291 Yishun Street 22 #01-337, S760291

  6. Blk.413 Yishun Ring Road #01-1873, S760413

  7. Blk. 888 Woodlands Drive 50 #01-705 (888 Plaza), S730888

  8. Blk.768 Woodlands Avenue 6 #01-06, S730768

  9. Blk. 630 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 #01-970, S560630

  10. Blk. 123 Yishun Street 11 #01-495, S760123

  11. Blk. 654 Yishun Avenue 4 #01-439, S760654

  12. Blk. 548 Woodlands Drive 44 #01-09 Vista Point, S730548

  13. No.18 Jalan Masjid #01-05 Kembangan Plaza, S418944

  14. 1 Woodlands Square #01-K09 Causeway Point, S738099

  15. Blk. 335 Sembawang Close #01-473, S750335

  16. Blk. 883 Woodlands Street 82 #01-494, S730883

  17. Blk. 641 Yishun Street 61 #01-204, S760641

  18. Blk. 285 Yishun Avenue 6 #01-04, S760285

  19. Blk. 131 Marsiling Rise #01-194, S730131

  20. Blk. 121 Bishan Street 12 #01-93, S570121

  21. Blk. 151 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #01-3034, S560151

  22. Blk. 406 Sembawang Drive #01-822, S750406

  23. Blk. 513 Yishun Street 51, #01-02, S760513

  24. Blk. 461 Yishun Ave 6 #01-04, S760461


  1. No. 366 Tanjong Katong Road (Opp. Post Office), S437124

  2. No.999 Serangoon Road (St. George’s Rd), S328157

  3. Blk. 18 Jalan Membina #01-02, S164018

  4. Blk. 163 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-1016, S310163

  5. No. 408 North Bridge Road #01-01 Lubritrade Building, S188725

  6. 501 Stirling Road Blk B (Level 1), S148951

  7. No. 51 Bras Basah Road #01-04 Manulife Centre, S189554

  8. No. 271 Bukit Timah Road #01-03 Balmoral Plaza S259708

  9. No. 901 Bukit Timah Road, S589619

  10. Blk. 12 Telok Blangah Crescent #01-113, S090012

  11. Blk.109 Bukit Purmei Road #01-137, S090109

  12. No. 60 Geylang Lorong 25A (outside Aljunied MRT Station), S388250

  13. No. 77 Dunlop Street, S209404

  14. No. 49 Scotts Road #B1-01 Newton MRT Station, S228234

  15. No. 144 Arab Street #01-01, S199829

  16. No.170 Bencoolen Street #01-03 Ibis Hotel, S189657

  17. Blk. 111, Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1686, S160111

  18. 35 Robinsons Road #01-02, S068876

  19. 820 Thomson Road, #01-26 Mount Alvernia Medical Centre B, S574623

  20. 766 North Bridge Road, S198734

  21. 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-206 Marina Square, S039594

  22. 23 New Bridge Road, S059389

  23. Blk. 190 Toa Payoh Lor 6 #01-578, S310190


  1. 81 Siloso Road #01-02, S098979

  2. No. 1 Harbour Front Walk #02-31/32 VivoCity, S098585

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