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Paradise Group: 42% off Dining at Canton Paradise, Paradise Dynasty, Paradise Inn and more

Paradise Group is celebrating their 7th Anniversary with 42% off online deals at the following restaurants.

1. Canton Paradise: $28.80 for $50 Cash Voucher for Cantonese Cuisine at either of 5 Outlets (42% OFF)


2. Paradise Dynasty: $28.80 for $50 Cash Voucher at either of 7 Outlets (42% OFF)


3. Paradise Inn: $28.80 for $50 Cash Voucher at 10 Outlets (42% OFF)


4. Seafood Paradise: $28.80 for $50 Cash Voucher valid at 2 Outlets (42% OFF)


5. $28.80 for $50 Cash Voucher for Authentic Thai Cuisine at ParaThai in One KM (42% OFF)


6. $5.80 for $10 Cash Voucher for Beef Noodles at LeNu at either of 2 Outlets (42% OFF)


Valid while stocks last.

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