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Watsons MEMBERS’ ONLY SALE 2 Sep 2015

Watsons are having their amazing MEMBERS’ ONLY SALE (10am to 10pm) today, 2 September 2015 only! Equip yourself with this “secret weapon”: MEMBERS’ ONLY SALE CATALOGUE to get the BEST out of this Wonderful Sale! What’s more, first 100 to spend min $30 will get a FREE early bird mystery gift!

See images for more details. Happy Shopping!

Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-2-9Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-1Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-26 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-25 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-24 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-23 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-22 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-21 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-20 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-19 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-18 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-17 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-16 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-15 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-14 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-13 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-12 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-11 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-10 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-9 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-8 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-7 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-6 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-5 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-4 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-3 Watsons-Members-Only-Sale-2


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