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Citibank Ready Credit PayLite


  • Fastest, most flexible credit line with credit limit up to 4X your monthly income.
  • Lower interest of 1.495% per month compared to a credit card.
  • Citibank Ready Credit Card gives you access to millions of merchants worldwide + 1% cash rebate on your purchases.

Apply Directly with Bank

Interest Rates

No interest rate with upfront service fee*

Tenure 6 months 12 months 18 months
Effective Interest Rate 14.82% 15.20% 13.63%
Upfront Service Fee 3.00% 6.60% 9.00%

Preferential interest rate with no service fee

Tenure 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months
Effective Interest Rate 15.80% 14.25% 13.50% 14.00% 14.00%
Nominal Interest Rate 8.76% 7.76% 7.39% 7.79% 7.92%

* No interest rate with upfront service fee, offer is not available for online application.

The loan amount will be deposited into the bank account of your choice within 3-5 days of approval.


  • Age: 21 years old and above
  • For Singaporeans and PRs, minimum annual income of S$30,000
  • For foreigners, minimum annual income of S$42,000

Salaried employee:

A copy of your NRIC/passport, latest original computerized payslip or Tax Notice of Assessment or last 12 months’ CPF statement.


A copy of your NRIC/passport, last 2 years’ Income Tax Notice of Assessment and last 3 months’ bank statements.


  • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment and/or employment letter certifying employment and salary
  • Latest original computerised payslip


  • Annual fee: S$80 (first year annual fee waived)
  • Cancellation fee: 3% of outstanding unbilled principal amount or S$100 whichever is higher.

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